Top 5 “OSCAR” reasons Why Our Customers Choose NEAT ”N” EAT Service
The individual who services your household is an employee of NEAT “N” EAT and enjoys the various benefits that come along with it. All our employees are given training to work and behave according to ethical standards. By choosing our company, not only do you opt for a great and opulent service but also ensure that the needs of your maid, be it financial, medical or emotional are taken good care of. After all we do not provide maids, we provide humans for humans.


Safety and Security
NEAT ”N” EAT services are legally bonded and insured. We do a background verification check of all our employees including pre-employment medical checkup. We value the trust shown by you in us. Because the people we employ are on the payrolls of the company, it is imperative for us to ensure a sound and trusted background check, over and above the prevailing process for police verification in India. Every minute detail of the employee serving at your house will be sent to you on e-mail daily.


Cheap with Happiness 100% Guaranteed
NEAT ”N” EAT services are at a reasonable prices because we have done a lot of market survey and we value quality. We are only satisfied by the positive feed-backs from our customer. The Review section of the site shows the prominence laid on the satisfaction of the customer. By opting for our company, you get access to extensive customer support by individuals who understand your concerns and work hard towards easing the burden of yours.


All under one Roof
Have you ever thought how lovely could it be if Beauticians come to your house and provide parlor and saloon services? Cooks come to your home with all edible material shopped according to your choice? Saves time, right? Not only these but also we have many other lucrative services in every sector imaginable. We constantly work to revamp the luxuries of housewives. NEAT ”N” EAT offers all the services under one roof and thus they can be booked online within 60 seconds.


Majority of the housewives face the problem of hiring someone who can provide support for a long term. Also there is no place where they can complaint against these service providers. NEAT ”N” EAT takes care of these issues and have a customer friendly 12 hours support 365 days. By opting for our company, you put an end to your constant worries about the reliability aspect. It is our responsibility to ensure that continuity of any service is not disrupted or deteriorated.